Qiyu Zhu

algorithms consultant

Hello! My name is Qiyu, and I am a programmer based in Toronto, Canada. With 10+ years of experience, I design and implement software to meet your business needs – to add features, reduce errors, and improve productivity.

I work with a variety of languages and technologies – being most comfortable with Java, Python, C, C++, x86, SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Git, SVN, Linux command line. I have experience developing in multiple areas including frontend presentation, backend logic, and low-level algorithms. My philosophy is to write clean, maintainable code that works correctly the first time, every time. Rest assured that I deliver quality results and seek to minimize risks.

My programming career began in 2003 as a self-taught coder in middle school. Then I went on to complete an undergrad in computer science at the University of Toronto. I’ve worked multiple jobs as a software developer, having contributed to web design projects as well as backend data analysis. Throughout the last 13 years, I published dozens of personal projects online to continually sharpen my skills, and push the limits of what I can understand and implement.

I am available for contract work in software development and debugging. Please take a look at my portfolio web site to see examples of works I have produced. If you have an idea in mind that might be a good match for what I can deliver, feel free to send me an email and we can discuss your project require­ments.